About Us

Swann Global was founded by John Murray in 1993 as a senior executive search business with a focus on the natural resources sector. From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, the company grew to be global in scope and presence, represented at various times in places as diverse as Santiago, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Mexico City, Toronto, Moscow and London.

Swann Global continued to expand its expertise and capabilities, providing executive search and consulting services to a wide variety of clients in mining, oil and gas, finance, engineering and other professional services sectors. Our global client list includes a wide variety of organisations, such as BHP, Trafigura, Ma’aden, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Vale, CITIC, Thales, Worley Parsons, Glencore, Boeing, Rio Tinto, Sohar Aluminium, Alcoa, Austrade, Bechtel, Qantas, Newcrest, Petrofac, Outokumpu and Polyus.

In 2020, Swann Global re-branded as Swann, and we launched sister company Cygnet, leading to the creation of the Swann Group. In 2021, the Group expanded further with the addition of Skein. 

With Cygnet’s ability to provide site-based management to the mining sector, Swann’s cross-industry senior executive search and board support, and Skein’s expert advisory services, the Swann Group is a key strategic partner for leading global organisations providing the materials, energy and infrastructure that make the world work.

21st April 1993

John Murray founds Swann Global in Melbourne, based in Swann House on William Street.

1996 – 2000

WMC Resources engages Swann Global as a key partner to lead a programme placing several hundred key employees in their organisation.


A representative office is opened in Toronto.


Swann Global is the founding principal sponsor of the Melbourne Mining Club.


Bexton is established as a sister company to Swann Global, providing contract labour. The business was sold in 2007.

2002 – 2008

Alcoa engages Swann Global as a strategic advisor and search partner on the business’s top 250 roles.


Swann Global establishes itself in Asia with an office in Shanghai, with representation in Singapore and Hong Kong to follow.


A representative office is opened in London.


Swann Global incorporates a subsidiary business in Canada.


Swann Global’s headquarters moves from Swann House to the AMP Tower in Melbourne.


The Melbourne Mining Club hosts its first dinner in London, with Swann Global as sponsor.


The Melbourne Mining Club hosts its first event in Shanghai, with Swann Global as partner. 2013 sees the organisation’s first event in Beijing.


Swann Global upgrades to a central, globally accessible database.


We establish an office in Santiago, Chile, covering the entire South American market.


Swann Global’s headquarters moves to the IBM Tower on Southbank, Melbourne.


 “Unearthing Wisdom” is published by Swann Global to celebrate our 21st birthday, providing in-depth interviews with 20 global leaders from the mining industry. Proceeds from the sale of this book were donated to charity.


Lorraine Meldrum is appointed Chief Executive Officer of Swann Global, having previously served as Managing Director of the company’s Australian business.


Swann Global establishes a subsidiary business in the UK covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

2014 – 2015

Swann Global is Executive Search Partner for the International Mining and Resources Conference.

2014 – 2016

We partner with Anglo American on the reorganisation of their Technical & Sustainability unit.


Swann Global, with partners Investec and HRascent, releases the first edition of The REM Report, outlining remuneration practices at the world’s top mining companies.


Our headquarters moves to the BHP building in Melbourne.


Swann Global’s UK business moves to new offices in More London Riverside.


We establish a representative office in Lima.


Swann Global first partners with Mining Journal on the Global Leadership Report.


We begin our partnership with a leading global supplier of corporate data to accelerate our search and consulting services.


John Larpent is appointed to develop Cygnet, a new business to sit alongside Swann Global. Lorraine Meldrum becomes Group CEO.


Swann Global relaunches as Swann with all new branding, to focus on senior executive search, board services, and consulting. Nona Sichinava is made Managing Director in October 2020.


Cygnet is launched as a site-based management search firm, with John Larpent as Managing Director. 


Cygnet and Swann now sit under the Swann Group, headquartered in the UK, with Tom Harris as Group CEO and Lorraine Meldrum as Group Chairman.


Skein is launched as a strategic and change management advisory firm, with Tom Aldridge as Managing Director. 

Swann Group icon


Swann celebrates its 30th Anniversary.


Swann founder John Murray is awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 

John Murray